Realmz Escape Game

Realmz Escape Game is a fully immersive theme park experience that puts you and your friends as the adventurers in a real life fantasy world.

Explore your surroundings to discover the clues and solve the puzzles before your time runs out.

Zenith Prime Escape Room Game Perth

You and your crew are in cryostasis aboard the star ship Zenith Prime. Half way into your journey you are awoken from stasis sleep to the warnings of the ships main power core shutting down. Now adrift in space you must work out what has gone wrong and get the ships power core back online before the life support system shuts down.

Curse of the Mummy Escape Room Game Perth

Ancient legend tells of a great and almighty pharaoh who was trapped between worlds for eternity, placing a curse upon his temple. No explorer to venture into the tomb has ever come back alive and sane. It is believed that the one to bring honour back to the pharaohs name and complete his transcendence into the afterlife shall be granted wealth and power beyond their wildest imaginations. Upon receiving a diary owned by your great, great grandfather you find clues that reveal the location of the tomb, and so begins your journey to uncover the truth surrounding this great mystery.